Tuesday, February 1, 2011

About Me

~ I dont like a messy bout me ~ i l0ve sleep, a little la. Hehe ~ i dun think about the probe or probes looking hehe .. ~ I ~ Lurve THT computer system I like to listen to music on headphones! ~ ~ Hate all the drugs i hate that fcking MKE me sick .. ~ Whn it rains, but no one saw me CRY ~ i cn fshion styles such as,, ~ IA Master System, i Lurve ~ hmm i Myfren A7x fan .. I Fvourite Song & Saiful mmory ^ ^ WTH is your Guardian Angel by Red Jampsuit Apratus cyg Bby spcial for me .. hehe .. my fan name GazettE (Ruki, vocalist, Aoi-Guitaris, Kai-drummer, guitris-lead Uruha, Reita-bass) i juz thought that caring for and with me ... WTH ~ I have the wallet Wild Channel, ~ I like the Red and Black, all the articles I 80 & Red .. Is my idol Sysnyster Gates, inpiration I was my mother .. ~ Thx 4 all support me or know I ESCPIALLY mY biey-CYG, biey owez Lurve u ~ a little bit about me dun i> as show-off! ~ I Lurve the hair style, hair ~ i hve music .. Time is not bad but the hair is nice .. la .. hmm mybe muahaha,, i hve fmily good, good, and rice .. evrything "good.but Im not an angel. I do not pretty.But devil.Im sin.But im not beautiful.I have Peacemaker.Im frens but im not a small person in the world's only major attempt to find someone to love" Im not the original Plastic.U say anything about me, but I do what I am.I owez secrets.I keep myself laughing too hard at stupid things.I live in the past, the intelligence love.Its i memories.I hard ppl for me to determine myself.Wat I can say im just different ... More about me coz i love music im in love dancing and sing.Also musica.I JAPAN Im just plain love. Doing wat i love to smile and laugh do.Sometimes sometimes I miss owez hppy.Owez ... Study.Now im 16 im still living in Sungai Petani malaysia.Im Guess dats Malay-Muslim. all about me .... end of story

Peace | 16 | Malaysia n smooth soft .. my study, teacher Sry ur coz i sleep in class, but next time i dun wn sleep anymore im in ur class .. promise .. ~ i dun any2 cigrates TKE, SWEAR! i Lurve emo! make me feel peace and fun de .. k & adios amigos .. haha! ™ ------------------------------------------------- -------------- ------------------------------------ dH Year Ended -------------------------------------- 2011 2012 KNA Tun lA so wat new Azam X .. .. KNA leh mAin2 Bljar elok2 jew .. x Pew Utk not sin front of PnTing Suma .. 2 .. I will then pursue my dreams, I jnji on myself .. Azam Thun Bru NeYh Nk BtulKn Org Suma became Ksilpan dn Posted BRguna chayok2! Cyg Thx 4 all ur support, I x kan nie in SPM sia2kn nd honorable bljar2 rjin2 -

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Me and My Friends to hostel year 2010

                      me and my friends at to asrama year 2010